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Established in 2005
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Indoor heated storage for finished product

We operate Several trucks that collect our oil

Loading an ISO tank

Flexi tank loading We weld the retaining bars into the container for safety

Final Polish with our 3 stage PLC controlled centrifuge

Oil Quality before processing 30% MIU

Oil Quality after processing, less than 1% MIU. Yes the oil on the right is USED

Skimmed and dewatered oil before the centrifuge

13,000 gallon heat tank[2]. See the reflection of the 180 degree oil

Fresh, Clean and ready to go out..

We handle our drums in house. It's much costlier than a vat..

Twitch making sure loading goes smoothly on a Load for Israel

Nasty drum after a single fill. Think of your image and your customers..

Fresh and Clean needs elbow grease and Leonard has plenty of it..

Our Vac truck allows us to suction out underground tanks year round..

Inside bulk storage tanks (4,000 gallons each) total capacity 124,000 Gallons

Side View of or main reactor rig

Our freshly painted Biodiesel dispenser

Esterfication Reactor View (3,000 gallons)

Resin columns and Water wash tank (3,000 gallons)

2000 gallon Pump Truck

This is our 2008 Toyota Tundra with liftgate.  We use
this truck to do emergency runs for spill control, oil collections and customer

This is our 2009 Bluetec Benz.  This baby gets 28 MPG with a biodiesel blend.

Chevy 09 Silverado with liftgate.  This vehicle is perfect for getting in and out of the tight roads and spaces of the city of Buffalo. 

BBD has added 3 new process tanks that are 8,001 gallons a pc.  Tom Wiley welded the platform.

Our old process tank is now our new sludge tank. 


Our 18 ft GMC box truck with liftgate

“We have a few tankers that can collect or deliver over 6,000 gallons at a time”

Big Green New Vac Truck

“"It's Big Green, our 2000 gallon Vac Truck"”

“"International 1300 Gallon Vac Truck"”